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    Endorsed by International Association of Psychology and Counselling & Career Development Association India

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    Endorsed by International Association of Psychology and Counselling & Career Development Association India

Our Courses

Start you Journey as a Global Career Counsellor!

Level 1 & 2 Certification in Career Counselling

The Level 1 Career Counselling Certification serves as an introduction, providing fundamental skills and knowledge for individuals looking to enter the field of career counselling.

It covers basics such as assessment tools, communication techniques, and foundational counselling principles. Building upon this foundation, the Level 2 Career Counselling Certification is an advanced program offering deeper insights into Career Counselling Process model, industry trends, and specialized strategies for career guidance.

Together, these certifications provide a comprehensive pathway for professionals to develop from entry-level to advanced competency in the dynamic field of career counselling, ensuring a well-rounded skill set and readiness for diverse counselling challenges.

Course Duration:
30 Days
Any Graduation/Diploma
Number of Modules:
Online Exam with 200 questions
Case Studies:
2 Online Case Study/Projects
Course Fees:
100% Scholarships Available
Case Study Payment:
Rs. 5000/-

Post Graduate Level 7 Certification in Career Counselling

The Level 7 Career Counselling course is a comprehensive program designed to equip individuals with advanced skills on Five-Dimensional Career Counselling Approach to help students through their career journeys.

Covering advanced counselling techniques, it delves into in-depth assessments and strategies to address diverse career challenges. Participants gain expertise in navigating complex career landscapes, fostering a deep understanding of industry trends and psychological aspects related to career choices.

The course emphasizes practical application, ensuring students can confidently provide effective career guidance. Graduates emerge with a strong foundation to excel in professional career counselling roles.

Course Duration:
12 months + 3 Months for Case Study
Online Live Class + Video Lessons
Case Studies:
Semester wise Online Exams
Cohort Size:
50 - 60
Course Fees
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World Class Trainers and Certified Career Counsellors

Master the art of Career Counselling from Global Career Counsellors

  • Manoj Sebastian

    UCLA Certified Global Career Counsellor & Founder of Pathfinder

  • Dr Brian S Canefield

    Founder of IAPC Global & Licensed Psychologist and Counsellor from USA

  • Dr Mary Ballard

    Licensed Psychologist & Counsellor from USA

  • Dr David Fennell

    Professor of Counsellor Education University of Colorado USA

  • Dr. Fotini Economides Kranou

    Lecturer of Counselling Education Fredrick University Cyprus

  • Dr. Ed Gunberg

    Associate Professor in the School of Professional Counseling at Lindsey Wilson College

Build Your Future with CDA

Learn the Five-Dimensional Career Counselling Methodology
Gain a deep understanding of career development theories and their practical applications.
Learn about various career assessment tools and their effective utilization in guiding career decisions.
Develop essential Career Counselling Skills to establish strong connections with clients.
Expand your knowledge of educational and vocational options across different industries and sectors.
Master the art of guiding clients through career transitions and decision-making processes.
Cultivate empathy and sensitivity to address the unique needs and challenges faced by individuals seeking career guidance.
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Frequently asked questions

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All Graduates, Final Year Students, Social Workers, Teachers, Psychologists and Counsellors can join the course.

CDA India & IAPC Global certification will help the candidates to get a highly paid job in India or abroad. India requires more than 14 Lakhs certified career counsellors and jobs are available in schools, colleges, NGO’s and certified career counsellors can also work for government projects.

CDA India’s PGCert program will equipe each candidate to start their journey as a Certified Career Counsellor. CDA India’s Placement cell will help the all-successful candidates to connect with various industry partners and each candidate has to clear the selection procedure. Those who clear the selection procedure will get placements as career counsellors. CDA India will also provide extensive support to each candidate to start up their own career development center.

Each participant will get mentor support throughout the program

Please click on the Register now Button and attend the orientation and our admission team will contact you as soon as possible.

Yes, CDA India will help each participant to get interest & collateral free personal loan from third party financial organizations. Each participant has to make an advance payment as course fees and the remaining payment can be paid to the bank as monthly EMI’s

Yes, CDA India’s PGCert Course cover the group career counselling and school career counselling modules and help each participant to gain hands on experience.

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What our students say about us

“Enrolling in the Level 7 PGCert Career Counselling Course was a game-changer for me. The course not only deepened my understanding of career development theories and counseling techniques but also helped me discover my own passion for helping others navigate their career paths. The practical training and industry partnerships provided valuable real-world experience and networking opportunities. Thanks to CDA India for offering such a wonderful program, I am now confident and equipped to pursue a fulfilling career as a Certified Global Career Counsellor.”

~ Loveena Garvin

“The Post Graduate Career Counselling Course at CDA India exceeded my expectations. The comprehensive curriculum, experienced faculty, and practical training provided me with the knowledge and skills to guide individuals towards fulfilling careers. The course not only enhanced my professional competence but also instilled in me a passion for making a positive impact on people's lives. I highly recommend this course to anyone interested to become a Certified Career Counsellor.”

~ Hope Henschel